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The Neuroscience of Sleep

We are happy to recommend the latest book of our colleague Dr Guy Leschziner about sleep – and everything that goes on in our brain when we sleep, or in the case of his patients: when we try to get a good night sleep. He tells about bizarre real life stories and interweaves them with cutting edge neurological science in the true tradition of Oliver Sacks.

The Neuroscience of Sleep | Health Blog | Tel Aviv DoctorInsomnia, narcolepsy, night terrors, apnoea, and sleepwalking are just a sampling of conditions afflicting sufferers who cannot sleep, and their experiences are the stuff of nightmares. Demoniac hallucinations frighten people into paralysis. Restless legs rock both the sleepless and their sleeping partners with unpredictable and uncontrollable kicking. Out-of-sync circadian rhythms confuse the natural body clock’s days and nights.

But what happens in the brain at night to explain these conditions? And what does this tell us about our own sleeping brains? Illustrated with extraordinary case studies, Leschziner delves into the secret world of sleep. He also investigates possible links between diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s and sleep disorders, giving rise to hope that research in this area may lead to new developments and treatments.

Dr Guy Leschziner works as a consultant neurologist at London Bridge Hospital, the Cromwell Hospital and within the Department of Neurology and Sleep Disorders Centre at Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospitals.

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