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Doctor Jonathan Cohen is an obstetrician-gynaecologist specialising in reproductive medicine. He is particularly involved in the treatment of infertility, recurrent miscarriages, and endometriosis.

Dr. Cohen practices in vitro fertilisation and oocyte freezing for fertility preservation at the Herzliya Medical Center. He receives women and couples at Tel Aviv Doctor at 46 Basel Street, Tel Aviv.

Dr. Cohen sees couples with recurrent miscarriages and offers a complete assessment and multidisciplinary care in collaboration with immunologists and haematologists.

Dr. Cohen receives women with endometriosis and offers holistic care together with endometriosis surgery and radiology, for the diagnosis, management of pain and infertility as well as for specialised surgery and fertility preservation.

He completed his residency in Paris and his fellowship in the maternity department of Tenon Hospital, in the Assisted Reproductive Techniques unit. He has worked at numerous maternity hospitals in the Paris region. He has also worked in Tel Aviv, at the endometriosis treatment centre of Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Centre.

He is the author of the French book “Preparing well for childbirth: The answers to the questions you ask yourself”, published in 2017 by Ellébore.

He is the inventor of a specific device intended for the management of haemorrhage during delivery.

Dr. Cohen also studied the effect of endometriosis on fertility in animal models during his doctorate in physiology and is the author of numerous international publications.

Doctor Jonathan Cohen will see you at Tel Aviv Doctor in order to assess your condition and to offer you the best therapeutic options. 

If you require fertility preservation treatment, Dr Cohen will check your fertility status and offer you the best fertility preservation options.

If you suffer from infertility or miscarriages, Dr Cohen will perform several diagnostic tests in order to define the cause(s) and offer you the most up-to-date and successful fertility treatments.

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