Coronavirus Testing

Are you showing symptoms or have you been exposed to the Coronavirus? A high percentage of the population has little or no symptoms of COVID-19. Get tested now.

Get Tested For COVID-19

If you are showing COVID19 symptoms or you were exposed, we can arrange for PCR / swab testing (also at your home). – To detect if your immune system has been exposed in the past to the Coronavirus, we perform the Coronavirus Antibody Test. – Find information about the tests offered by Tel Aviv Doctor below. 

COVID19 PCR / Swab Test

If you are suffering from COVID19 symptoms, or if you have been in contact with a Corona patient, we can arrange for COVID19 tests to be performed privately (at your home or at the clinic). Results can be available after 24 hours.

NEW: Get Tested At Home

Get your Corona swab / PCR test performed by our medical staff at your home (results within 24 hours). Please contact us for details & an appointment by Whatsapp or Email.

Coronavirus Antibody Test

A positive Coronavirus Antibody Test confirms your immune system was exposed to the virus (whether or not you had symptoms). This indicates an immune response which some believe may indicate that you may have temporary immunity.

Important to know: There is still little reliable research on this topic, meaning we do not know for sure that a positive antibody test is an indication for immunity or to what level and for what period of time.

Depending on your personal situation the test can provide answers outlined below. Processing will take typically 3-4 days.

Please be aware:

We are a private clinic. If you are insured by an Israeli insurer, we recommend to contact your Israeli Health Insurer or Magen David Adom.

Three Scenarios For Antibody Testing

1 – You tested positive for Coronavirus with the swab/PCR test

If you tested positive for the Coronavirus in a PCR test, the antibody test can confirm the diagnosis and show if you now have antibodies in your bloodstream. The antibodies to Coronavirus suggest a probability that you are immune (at least for the time being). Please be aware, there is still little reliable scientific data about the actual immunity after being cured from COVID-19.

2 – Your PCR Coronavirus test was negative

The reliability of the PCR Coronavirus Test has been questioned, and even official bodies have admitted there were a number of false negatives (as well as false positives). If you’ve been suffering from symptoms associated with COVID-19 but your Coronavirus Test came back negative, there is a chance the antibody test will come back positive, showing that your immune system was exposed to Coronavirus and that you have mounted an immune response.

3 – You were NOT tested for Coronavirus

If you were not tested for the Coronavirus, but you have reason to believe that you were exposed to the virus, the antibody test will provide an answer whether or not your immune system was exposed and mounted a response.

The antibody test does NOT tell you whether you are now sick with COVID19 and considered ‘positive’. Anyone with symptoms or if you have been in contact with a Corona patient, if you are not in an Israeli health insurance you need to contact the Ministry of Health at *5400 to arrange testing (we can help arrange this at cost).

Lab tests are performed by our experienced doctors on site. For any procedures that we do not provide in our Tel Aviv Doctor clinic, we work in close cooperation with trusted labs and medical service providers.

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