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Tel Aviv Doctor was founded and is run by British doctors in Israel. In our clinic we treat local and international private patients from all over the World with problems ranging from rashes to shark bites.


See a doctor in our clinic, in your hotel or at home

Our doctors are Family Medicine Specialists (General Practitioners) with years of experience and qualifications in Surgery, Emergency Medicine, Paediatrics, Orthopaedics, Dermatology and Travel Medicine.

We speak fluently and practice medicine in English and Hebrew. Translation services are also available to use.

Get in touch with us now, we always keep immediate appointments available.

We specialise in personalised medicine – that is, we ensure that only appropriate testing is done and that every effort is made to use a holistic approach as suits each individual.

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Tel Aviv Doctor provided excellent care when I had just arrived in Israel on holiday. I was able to get a same day appointment and was seen by two English speaking doctors. Their friendly staff helped me prepare my documentation for my travel insurance claim and they were able to book further treatment for the same day. This is the best medical cafe I have received.

Z. H.

Traveller (AUS)