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Speak to a doctor now without leaving your home. Online consultations are now available with our experienced General Practitioners. Receive meaningful and sensible advice on a large range of medical and psychological issues.

Speak To A Doctor From Home

Our experienced General Practitioners (GPs) offer video consultations to diagnose and advise on most medical conditions or health concerns, including the current Coronavirus pandemic. Contact us now by email, phone or Whatsapp for more information.

What medical services do we provide online?

In light of the current Coronavirus pandemic, we have extended our services to include video appointments. During these appointments, we can consult on a wide range of health concerns, and provide ideas to optimize your immune system and overall health.

With our GPs broad experience, we can present a second opinion on a variety of medical issues and concerns. Click to Whatsapp us now.

Who is Tel Aviv Doctor?

Tel Aviv Doctor is a long-standing clinic in the heart of Tel Aviv, Israel, founded and run by English GPs (with active UK Registration). The clinic is well known as the designated medical resource for embassies, expatriates and visitors in Israel for work or leisure.

We believe in a comprehensive approach to managing acute and chronic conditions, by taking all aspects of the patient as a whole into account. Click to start a conversation on Whatsapp.

What is our Philosophy of Care?

We encourage and recommend non-drug related treatments as our initial course of treatment (as appropriate) for our patients, in the hopes that this results in improved general health and immunity. All our medical advice and treatments are based on a holistic medical perspective. Click to start a conversation on Whatsapp.

What is required for an online appointment?

Our standard online consultations are video conversations of 15 minutes. Our staff will guide you through the simple process of setting up a secure connection with an app convenient for you to use like Zoom or Microsoft Teams on your phone, tablet or computer. We also require a government issued ID (preferably a passport) along with a signed consent form prior to the appointment.

Tel Aviv Doctor works with many international insurance companies including those in the United Kingdom. We may be able to arrange direct billing dependent on your insurance policy and coverage. Please contact our staff to find out more information regarding direct billing.

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