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In our clinic and medical laboratory we offer blood tests with answers within minutes, and other lab tests, performed painlessly by an experienced doctor. Set an appointment now online or get in touch with us now.

Tel Aviv Doctor Medical Laboratory

At Tel Aviv Doctor Clinic we provide you with fast appointments, test results and medical answers. Lab Tests and Medical Imaging (X-Ray, CT, MRI) are usually performed within 24 hours.

Our doctors and our staff guide you through all administered tests, handling paperwork and facilitate communication where necessary (in different languages), at no extra cost. We can also have reports and documents translated to your language.

Any results and tests at Tel Aviv Doctor Clinic are handled and checked by the responsible doctor and a second doctor on staff, providing you with full transparency and answering any followup-questions that might come up. Results are accessible to you also by way of our Secure Online Medical Portal for Patients.

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Instant Lab Results

We have the technology on site to perform multiple tests with instant results. A complete Blood Count can be performed on the spot with results ready in 5 minutes. Rapid strep tests, rapid flu tests, urine analysis, pregnancy and Covid tests may be performed with results received within minutes.


In our gynaecology clinic our specialists perform ultrasound screens (sonograms) as well as other standard diagnostic tests and minor treatments (pap smear, HPV Test, IUD insertion/removal).

Health Condition Check

Tests are performed to diagnose, rule out and assist with the management of various Health conditions. Common tests performed for this purpose are Folic acid, B12, vitamins and minerals (including Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc &Magnesium) blood tests. Glucose may be analysed in both blood and urine, and urine may be checked for protein and ketones.

X-ray, Ultrasound, MRI, CT

We accompany all our patients through any necessary procedures, medical imaging and tests, and we make sure the procedures are done in a professional and timely manner (usually within 24 hours from referral by one of our doctors).

HIV & STD Tests

Test for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV blood test (AIDS-Test), Hepatitis, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea, Chlamydia in the lab with fast and discreet results (by request we give results by email or in the clinic). No bureaucracy. – More: STD Lab Tests at Tel Aviv Doctor

Blood & Metabolic Lab Tests

Blood tests to diagnose and to adjust preventive measures: complete blood count (CBC), kidney function tests, liver function tests, thyroid function tests and other metabolic lab tests. – More: Blood Test & Metabolic Lab Tests

Heart & Cardio Check-up

At our clinic in the heart of Tel Aviv we are equipped to perform Cardio- and Health-Checks on site. Our experienced English speaking doctors administer the tests and present results and interpretation.

Urine and other Lab Tests

We also do coagulation (clotting) profile, microbiology (urine, stool, throat lab tests), immunology tests and viral tests (hepatitis, rubella etc.)

Tel Aviv Doctor provided excellent care when I had just arrived in Israel on holiday. I was able to get a same day appointment and was seen by two English speaking doctors. Their friendly staff helped me prepare my documentation for my travel insurance claim and they were able to book further treatment for the same day. This is the best medical care I have received.

Z. H. (AUS)

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Lab tests are performed by our experienced doctors on site. For any procedures that we do not provide in our Tel Aviv Doctor clinic, we work in close cooperation with the best labs and medical service providers in the country.

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