Nursing Services

We perform a wide range of medical nursing services at your home or in our Tel Aviv clinic. From intravenous (IV) infusions and lab tests to wound care and medical case management for chronically ill patients.

Medical Care At Home & Nursing Services

At Tel Aviv Doctor, we offer a wide variety of medical nursing services: Wound management, Intravenous (IV) high dose vitamins, diagnostic lab tests, HIV and STD Tests and more.

All treatments, procedures and test results at Tel Aviv Doctor Clinic are overseen, and where necessary handled and checked by our responsible doctors. We provide you with full transparency and answers to any follow-up questions you might have. Lab results and information is accessible to you also by way of our secure online medical portal for patients.

Wound Care & Dressing

We provide comprehensive wound management for post-surgery and open wound injuries to promote healing and prevent infection (at your home or in our clinic).

Intravenous (IV) Vitamins

Administered by our qualified RN, IV Infusions are a quick and efficient way to maintain health and prevent illness through the absorption of beneficial high dose vitamins and minerals. These infusions can benefit patients with a wide variety of health concerns (read more in this article about Intravenous infusion therapy).

Lab Tests

Fast, painless and accurate standard and diagnostic lab tests: Complete blood count (CBC), Kidney function tests, liver function tests, Thyroid function tests and more (read more about our Laboratory and Tel Aviv Doctor Clinic lab tests here).

Lab tests are performed by our experienced doctors on site. For any procedures that we do not provide in our Tel Aviv Doctor clinic, we work in close cooperation with the best labs and medical service providers in the country.

STD Testing & Counseling

Fast and discreet testing and counseling for sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like HIV blood test (AIDS-Test), Hepatitis, Herpes, Syphilis, Gonorrhoea and Chlamydia (more about STD Testing at Tel Aviv Doctor Clinic and when to get tested).

Tel Aviv Doctor provided excellent care when I had just arrived in Israel on holiday. I was able to get a same day appointment and was seen by two English speaking doctors. Their friendly staff helped me prepare my documentation for my travel insurance claim and they were able to book further treatment for the same day. This is the best medical cafe I have received.

Z. H. (AUS)

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