Sleep Clinic

In the Sleep Clinic Micha Gross, PhD, offers counseling and treatment of sleep disorders and excessive sleepiness (in Hebrew, English, French, German).

Treatment Of Sleep Disorders, Insomnia

In the Sleep Clinic at Tel Aviv Doctor, highly experienced specialist Micha Gross, PhD, offers counseling and treatment of insomnia, sleep disorders and excessive sleepiness. The non-drug intervention and therapy lasts typically a few weeks.

Diagnosis Of Insomnia, Sleep Disorders

In the sleep consultation, an individual sleep history is taken and the sleep disorder is analyzed and diagnosed. The disorders include:

  • insomnia
  • difficulty falling asleep
  • difficulty sleeping through the night
  • waking up early and
  • restless sleep.

We can also address sleep disorders linked to burn out, depression, anxiety / panic disorders, addictions, pain syndromes and influence of medication.


Depending on the findings, we suggest appropriate treatments to the patient. These include: sleep hygiene, relaxation procedures, cognitive behavioral therapy, bedtime reduction, stimulus control and day / night restructuring.

We use in many cases a wrist actimetry for the ambulatory objectification of sleeping and waking rhythms. If indicated, we refer to a sleep study at home or in a sleep laboratory as well as additional diagnosis or treatment.

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