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Coronavirus: Stay Safe Tips

As the new Coronavirus is spreading around the world, in some areas faster than in others, we also learn more about the threat the virus poses to our health, and most importantly: how to avoid it.

In our latest Coronavirus update from February 2021 we discuss the vaccination campaign underway in Israel and how to get vaccinated against COVID19 as a foreigner in Israel without local health insurance (click here).

Contact Transmission

Whilst the Coronavirus is primarily transmitted through person to person contact, it is also spread through Contact Transmission (by touching infected surfaces or objects). It has been estimated that the virus can survive on surfaces for an average of 4-5 days, but in conditions of low temperatures and high humidity, it is believed that the virus can remain infectious on a surface for up to 9 days. In light of this, good hand hygiene is paramount for sanitising against germs and preventing infections.

Most Important: Frequent Hand Washing

Frequent hand washing is one of the most effective means of prevention. It is particularly important to wash hands after coughing or sneezing, following contact with someone who is unwell, and before preparing food & eating. Ideally, hands should be washed thoroughly with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, ensuring to scrub the entire surface of each hand, including between the fingers and under the fingernails.

The main portals in which the virus can be transmitted through, is the mouth, nose and eyes, which can act as gateways for the virus to enter the body. Be mindful to avoid touching these parts of your face, and ensure hands have been washed/sanitized before doing so.

Whilst out and about, it’s advisable to carry a hand sanitizer with you to use, and to take extra care to disinfect surfaces within the home.

Respiratory Hygiene

In addition to practising good hand hygiene, practising good respiratory hygiene is another way to protect both yourself and others. Respiratory Hygiene pertains to measures taken to limit the transmission of respiratory viruses through person to person contact. Such measures include; covering your mouth & nose when coughing/sneezing – either using your elbow or (ideally) a tissue (which should then be immediately disposed of), washing your hands after coughing/sneezing and stepping away to maintain distance from others when coughing/sneezing in public spaces.

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Protect Your Immune System

Although not solely related to Coronavirus prevention, maintaining a healthy immune system will be beneficial in protection against picking up bugs, and contracting the flu. (Read more about Flu Prevention & Vaccination here).

Some ways to strengthen your immune system (and staying healthy in general) include:

  • Eating a healthy, nutritious diet, high in fruits & vegetables
  • Getting adequate sleep
  • Being physically active
  • Limiting alcohol consumption
  • Limiting stress & taking care of ones mental health
  • Intravenous Vitamin Therapy

A Note From The Team At Tel Aviv Doctor

If you are exhibiting symptoms of the Coronavirus, remain at home and seek medical advice over the phone. Please DO NOT go to visit the doctor – doing so could result in putting the public at risk. People in the Doctor’s waiting room will be there because they are sick themselves, this means that they will already be in a compromised condition, therefore making them extra susceptible to becoming more unwell.

Common symptoms for the Coronavirus include fever, cough and shortness of breath. Whilst these are also symptoms of the flu, travel considerations play a large role in diagnostic criteria.

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Coronavirus in Israel: Resources and Info

In the first weeks of the Coronavirus spreading around the world, we updated this blogpost with the latest info and links to official resources regarding the Coronavirus in Israel.