'Social Prescribing' Explained | Tel Aviv Doctor

What Is ‘Social Prescribing’ In Medicine?

At Tel Aviv Doctor we always make it a point to look for remedies beyond prescriptions, encouraging behavior supporting patients’ health and well being. Recently we became aware of the term ‘Social Prescribing’ which has gained attention and traction in European countries.

What does ‘Social Prescribing’ stand for?

Social Prescribing allows Primary Care Providers to refer patients to specialised group programs to partake in social activities either in lieu of, or in conjunction with pharmaceutical medications. Examples of such activities include; Gardening, dance, art, cooking, volunteering and various sports.

It has been found to be particularly effective in supporting patients who are suffering with anxiety and depression. Providing a platform for patients to join in with social, holistic & therapeutic groups has been shown to reduce symptoms of loneliness & social isolation, and to improve mood and better ones overall emotional health status.

Reducing Medication, Preventing Illnesses, Managing Pain

Social Prescribing can also be used for management/prevention of illnesses such as Type 2 Diabetes & High Cholesterol, and can be used as a form of pain management. This is due to the physical exercise component and general promotion of a healthier lifestyle which Social Prescribing is based on.

Social prescribing can substantially reduce the need for medications, which in some cases can be used ‘a quick fix’ treatment method that doesn’t address the core root a of patient’s condition.

Our Philosophy Of Care At Tel Aviv Doctor

Tel Aviv Doctor has extremely low prescribing rates, which we achieve by working purposefully to find non pharmacological/non chemical treatments wherever possible (read more: Our Philosophy Of Care). Such treatments include advice on diet management, physical activity and Intravenous Vitamin Therapy.