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Drug Prescriptions & Refills in Israel | Tel Aviv Doctor

Do you need a prescription or prescription refill for your medication? As a tourist or expat in Israel, it can be confusing to navigate one’s medical needs. Below is some information about prescriptions, Israeli pharmacies and Israeli medications to guide you.

About Prescription Drugs And Pharmacies In Israel

Pharmacies in Israel are only able to dispense prescription medications that have been prescribed by an Israeli doctor, therefore all foreign prescriptions are invalid in Israel (even if they include a Doctor’s stamp/registration number). Some medications that can be purchased over the counter in other countries, can only be supplied with a valid prescription in Israel. Vice versa, there are certain medications that require a prescription in other countries, but may be purchased over the counter here.

It should be noted that some over-the-counter medications may not be on display in the main store front of the pharmacy, but can instead be found and purchased (without a prescription) at the pharmacy counter. If you are unable to see the medication you are looking for alongside similar medications, it’s worthwhile to check if it is available from the pharmacy counter.

Where To Get Prescriptions and Prescription Refills?

Attaining medication whilst in Israel (either a new medication or refills for current medications) requires an appointment/consultation with a doctor in Israel. At ​Tel Aviv Doctor​, we provide a fast, straightforward, and non bureaucratic service to help our patients receive medication (contact us through Whatsapp, Phone or Email).

Our English speaking doctors write prescriptions (in English) that can be dispensed from all private pharmacies and Superpharm branches. Painkillers, antidepressants, birth control pills, antibiotics are just some of the medications that our doctors frequently prescribe to patients.

To note: All independent pharmacies – including the large Superpharm chain with close to 20 outlets in Tel Aviv alone, accept all valid Israeli prescriptions. There are also pharmacies that work exclusively with one of the four Kupat Cholim (Health Care Funds for Israeli citizens). For example, Maccabi Pharmacies will only accept prescriptions for patients of Maccabi.