Useful Medical Phrases in Hebrew

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Useful Medical Phrases in Hebrew

Useful Medical Phrases in Hebrew

It’s not ideal to be sick in a foreign country, but it becomes worse if you have no way of communicating the problem. Below are what we believe to be the most helpful medical phrases in Hebrew. This will help you get assistance from a hotel-employee, taxi-driver or bypasser.

At Tel Aviv Doctor we are all native English speakers, so your care will always be in a language you understand. Please don’t hesitate to call us. If you can’t make it to us, this will help in a tight translation situation.

I don’t feel wellAni lo margish tov
My friend is not feeling wellChaver sheli lo margish tov
It hurts hereKoev li kan
I’m having trouble breathingKashe li linshom
I have a feverYesh li chom
I need my medicationAni tzarich et ha trufot sheli
I can’t move/do …Ani lo matzliach … / ani lo yechol …
I don’t feel anything in my …Ani lo margish klum ba …
I am allergic toAni allergit le
I need to see a doctorAni tzarich rofe
I need an ambulanceAni tzarich ambulance
Help me pleaseTa’azorli bevakasha
I’m having chest painKoev li ba’chaze
Could you please call Tel Aviv DoctorBevakesha lehitkasher l’Tel Aviv Doctor: 054 9 41 42 43

We hope travelers don’t become ill, but if you do the Tel Aviv Doctor clinic treats most medical illnesses more rapidly and conveniently than a hospital emergency room. Tel Aviv Doctor also works with many major international insurance companies.

Don’t forget to print or save the list – just in case – and stay healthy, or in Hebrew – ‘Tihie bri’a’!