Emergency Room or Tel Aviv Doctor?

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Emergency Room or Tel Aviv Doctor?

Emergency Room or Tel Aviv Doctor?

Research shows that many E.R. patients could be seen and treated (faster) by a Family Doctor, GP, Primary Care Physician. We always try to keep appointments available on short notice for that reason. Call us or contact us on Whatsapp to speak to a doctor now.

“Some people visit the emergency department to fill repeat prescriptions,” researchers have found – which is not only a waste of the patient’s time, but more importantly these visits extend the wait for patients with more serious conditions. Be sure, if you’re sitting in a well run ER with a condition not considered urgent, your wait will be stretched even more, as they run intelligent triage systems optimising case-management according to medical indications.

Is Tel Aviv Doctor a Walk in Clinic?

We consider it our responsibility to be available on short notice as a Family Doctor, Primary Care Doctor and GP. Although we can usually make time for walk-in patients, we encourage you to please speak to us first. Our clinic is open 6 days a week and we also see patients at home or in their hotel room. The clinic is set up to run lab-tests, arrange for immediate ultrasound, x-rays, CT or MRI. If the medical condition should require a consult with a specialist, we can set up appointments on short notice with a specialist in our network.

To visit Tel Aviv Doctor or the Emergency Department?

We are not an ER and not a Hospital, and in the case of a medical emergency call 101 for the Ambulance Magen David Adom (Red Star of David). At Tel Aviv Doctor we specialize in medical care for tourists, expats and visitors in Tel Aviv, and we are here to help and assist with any medical condition. If necessary we can provide access to further specialists and medical procedures.

If you are undecided whether to visit an Emergency Department, don’t hesitate to call us at 054 941 42 43 (or contact us on Whatsapp), our native English speaking staff will be happy to assist. Your health and best interest is our first concern, and we will immediately direct you to the ER if we see it required.

Will my insurance pay for the doctor’s visit?

We are a trusted partner of most of the major international Insurance Companies, which means we can invoice the insurance company directly and you will not have to pay up front and get refunded. We also provide documents in English (and we work with translators if needed). As we have treated over 15,000 patients at Tel Aviv Doctor in the past 10 years we have working agreements with most major international insurance companies.

Where is the Emergency Department in Tel Aviv?

In the Tel Aviv area there are a number of 24-hour Emergency Departments. If you need to be admitted to a Hospital or see any other medical indication for an ER visit, we recommend one of the following. Feel free to call us for a consultation:

  • Ichilov Hospital, Emergency Department, located at 6 Weizmann Street in Central Tel Aviv
  • Sheba Hospital (Tel Hashomer), largest hospital in Israel, in Ramat Gan (Tel Aviv district)