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Genetic Tests Pre-Natal, Pre-Pregnancy And More

Genetic tests are used as tools to diagnose and detect genetic disorders & can predict the likelihood of developing certain conditions. These tests are especially beneficial before & during pregnancy, screening the parent’s genes for risk factors and then testing the DNA of the fetus for potential malformations and syndromes.

At Tel Aviv Doctor we offer a wide range of medical laboratory tests. Results are given in English, analysed and followed up by our doctors/specialists, and can be accessed through a safe and secure Patient Portal. All blood tests are performed by our experienced doctors. Needless to say that all test results are strictly confidential and are handled in a professional & sensitive manner. For more information visit: Medical Lab Tests At Tel Aviv Doctor.

Pre-Pregnancy & Pre-Natal Genetic Tests

This test is used to evaluate a person’s and a couple’s reproductive risk, and their likelihood of having a child with a recessive genetic disorder. This tests screens for a vast panel of disorders, including Tay Sachs Disease & Cystic Fibrosis. It is usually performed pre-pregnancy (with blood samples from one or both parents).

This is a non-invasive genetic test that screens the DNA of the fetus and determines the risk of genetic abnormalities and syndromes. The DNA is extracted from the mother’s blood.

Genetic Diagnostics Tests

Different variants of these tests examine genetic sequencing of cardiac health, digestive health, metabolic health, immunological health, neuro health & hematological health.

COVID-19 Update: We offer private PCR and Corona antibody tests (also at your home). Get tested now to know if your immune system has been exposed to COVID-19. Learn more about our COVID-19 tests at Tel Aviv Doctor.

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