Why You Need International Health Insurance Travelling To Israel

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Why You Need International Health Insurance Travelling To Israel

Why You Need International Health Insurance Travelling To Israel

Have you heard the horror-story about the family having to re-mortgage their house, to pay for treatment and repatriation? – It’s a true story. Quite possibly, you are not aware of how much of a risk you are taking, travelling without proper health insurance to Israel. Here’s the math.

You may well argue that should you become ill you could just see a doctor privately, deal with it yourself, and perhaps you are not too worried about claiming on the insurance (as it’s ‘just’ a few $100 including possible drugs).

It’s Not The Sore Throat You Should Worry About …

But something as simple as food poisoning could mean you end up in a hospital bed (less comfortable and probably much more expensive than your hotel, starting at $1,300 a day). You may be involved in a road accident or develop appendicitis, often requiring surgery (now we’re talking $1,000s or $10,000s).

This is when people are faced with the uncomfortable reality that medical expenses in Israel are very high.

Before you even reach the hospital you need to pay for your ambulance transfer. Once you are admitted to hospital it is easy to have a bill in the thousands of dollars. Having surgery or a stay in intensive care will be yet more expensive. And repatriation to your home country would run to tens of thousands of dollars (we’re easily at $100,000 now).

Health Insurance Policies – What To Look For

Insurance policies can vary widely in what they offer in terms of coverage, and unfortunately it really is one of life’s mundane jobs that has to be done in order to ensure you are adequately covered for your trip.

The cost of the insurance policy is usually dependent on several things, for example the length of your trip, the place you are going, whether you have any pre-existing medical problems and your age. The extent of your coverage (i.e. the maximum amount you can claim back) will also affect the cost.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition And Health Insurance

Travelling with a pre-existing medical condition can feel quite stressful, especially if it is a condition that is unpredictable and potentially serious. There are usually specific companies that offer policies for people with pre-existing conditions, often for a premium.

It is also possible to use regular insurance providers but after declaring a condition they may decide that they cannot cover you for it. Depending on the nature of your condition you may or may not decide whether you want to include coverage for it, and this is best discussed with your doctor.

Unfortunately it is still quite difficult for some people to get any form of travel insurance, even by paying a premium, for example those with a diagnosis of terminal illness. That said, it is probably not impossible and depends on your country of residence. It’s worth the effort!

Get Your Insurance – And Then Forget About The Horror-Stories …

The bottom line is that travelling abroad should be fun and exciting, and an opportunity to experience new things. Becoming ill abroad is unfortunately a not uncommon reality, but with the right travel insurance for your needs you can protect yourself against the financial repercussions that becoming ill abroad often entails. Enjoy your trip to Israel!

Preferred Medical Provider Of Major International Health Insurance Plans

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