Micha Gross, PhD

PhD, Psychologist (License no. 27-6163), Somnologist SGSSC

Somnologist Micha Gross offers Sleep Counseling & Treatment for anyone suffering from sleepiness, sleep disorders and insomnia. He holds a PhD in Psychology and has over 30 years of experience in Somnology (the science of sleep), diagnosing, researching and treating sleep disorders.

Micha Gross founded the first independent Sleep Laboratory in Switzerland in 1991 where he is still active as a consultant and advisor. He has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders for over 30 years. He consults patients in English, German, Hebrew and French at Tel Aviv Doctor clinic on Basel Street in central Tel Aviv.

To treat and counsel on sleep disorders and excessive sleepiness, an individual sleep history is taken and the sleep disorder is analyzed and diagnosed. According to the personal sleep history, a treatment plan is devised. Short term treatment settings are applied. The diagnosis and treatment often includes wrist actigraphy for measuring sleep and wake cycles. The aim of treatment: sleep should be improved. The path is a non-drug intervention. And the duration of therapy is a few weeks.

Born in Zürich, Switzerland, 1959, Gross studied Psychology at the University of Zürich, obtained his PhD at the Technion Israel Institute of Technology,  Haifa in 1990. From 1990-1994 he worked as a research assistant professor at the Institute of Psychology of the University Zürich. 1991 he co-founded the first private Sleep Laboratory in Zürich, Switzerland (Schlaflabor Fluntern). Since 1994 he lives in Tel-Aviv. He is married and a father of 2 children.